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Google Plus Is A Desolated Wasteland | Business Insider

The only thing left to do is to put the literary agent on a list of endangered species | Venture Galleries

Author Gives Fake Writing Assignments to Online Cheaters | GalleyCat

Goodnight, sweet print |

Amelia Andersdotter: Internet copyright laws? They can walk the plank, says Pirate Party politician | The Independent

Writing Competitions (International, US and UK): May – July, 2013

Melanie Phillips: she’s putting the world to rights | The Observer

Children’s Book Week starts today! | Book Week Online

Twitter’s first star | The Observer

Call It “Artisanal,” And 5 Other Ways To Crush Self-Publishing | Fast Company

Are woman writers less competitive than men…? | BRIDGET WHELAN writer

How Dan Brown and other authors defeat writer’s block | The Guardian

Random House and Foyles triumph at Bookseller Industry Awards | The Bookseller

Book Publicity: What’s Changed and What Hasn’t | Digital Book World

The Library’s Future Is Not an Open Book | Wall Street Journal Firefox

Brigden and Duggan win Wolfson History Prizes | The Bookseller

Amazon staff go on strike in Germany | World news | The Guardian

E-Book Sales a Boon to Publishers in 2012 | NY Times

Self-published book among Commonwealth regional winners | The Bookseller

When can a book be digital-only, and when does it need to be print too? | paidContent

After Google, Amazon to be grilled on UK tax presence | Reuters

Is this the end of fiction’s genre wars? | The Guardian

Top Publishers Donate eBooks to Get London Reading Campaign | Good E-Reader

JD Salinger’s secret life exposed in new documentary | The Observer

Glimpse authors’ musings on their first editions | The Guardian

Six Core Issues Facing Writers Today | Writer Unboxed

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