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Bill Gates predicts iPad and Android users will switch to PC tablets | Technology |

Harper Lee Sues Agent Over ‘Mockingbird’ Royalties | Bloomberg

Author, Angella Graff talks publishing and marketing.

Melanie Phillips launches e-books company | The Bookseller

The publishing industry is using augmented reality books to get back in the game | Mobiversal

Cut-price Nook sells out after ‘unprecedented’ demand | The Bookseller

CS Lewis: A Life: Eccentric Genius, Reluctant Prophet by Alister McGrath – review | Books | The Guardian

Mslexia Writing Competitions 2013

Music to murder to: crime writers on their killer soundtracks | Music | The Guardian

Bookshops face pricing hell over Dan Brown’s Inferno | London Evening Standard

Candace Bushnell’s latest work leaked by hacker Guccifer | The Guardian

Anne Frank’s Diary in US schools censorship battle | Books | The Guardian

Was there ever a better letter from an author? | The Guardian

Publishers’ Craziest Schemes to Avoid Book Spoilers | Flavorwire

How to Shop at a Bookstore: An Easy 20-Step Guide for Authors | Ploughshares

Google Books Lawsuit: Authors Guild Demands $3 Billion | Huffington Post

Are You Ready for a Literary Agent? Ten Questions to Ask Yourself Before Submitting the Query…| Alythia Brown

‘The Great Gatsby,’ Shimmying Off the Literary Mantle | NY Times

Writers’ Union of Canada to vote on admitting self-published authors | CBC Manitoba

Top journalists to gather for NZ media showcase | The New Zealand Herald

Debut Welsh Road Show Links Libraries And Children’s Publishers |

Apple’s Use Of ‘iBooks’ Isn’t Trademark Infringement, Says Court |


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